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Typically dry with fruity and floral notes both on the nose and palate with a hint of honey, easy drinking both on its own and paired with food.


Grape variety: Garganega

Region: Italy / Veneto / Valpolicella

Winery: Monte Tondo

On the nose: Peach, pear, citrus, apple

On the Palate: Peach, pear, honey, floral, apple

abv: 13%

Storage and serving temperature: 10-12°C


富有果花香,青蘋果同蜜糖香氣。口感非常乾爽清新,淺金黃酒體, 無論聞或品嚐都非常得體。

產區:Italy / Veneto / Valpolicella
酒莊:Monte Tondo

飲用/貯存溫度: 10-12度


Monte Tondo Soave Casette Foscarin

  • Seafood such as shellfish and fish, pasta, cured meat



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